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Scheduled to house the closing ceremonies of the 1996 Summer Olympics, the $207 million Atlanta Olympic Stadium, also known as the Centennial Olympic Stadium, was halted in construction due to the collapse of one of the 6 light towers that were being erected. This accident occurred after the celebration of the completion of the framework that utilized 8,000 tons of steel. Engineers state that this construction failure gave way to the metal buckling. [a]
After examining the causes to this failure, it was found that this event happened due to a design error of the tower light. The structural engineer was not aware of the progress of the construction of the tower light so he did not consider the error as an emergency. As a result, the structural engineer waited ten days before warning the architect about the design error. This miscommunication let to the error not being carried out in time, which ended up killing one iron worker and injuring another. [b] The six towers that are located above the upper levels were designed by “Heery International Inc., Rosser International Inc., and Becket Company of Minneapolis”. Due to this fatal and tragic accident, the structural engineer’s engineering registration was suspended for 3 years, who, in this case, was a man named Brian Miraki. [c]

Structural Engineer: Brian Miraki

Construction Companies: Heery International Inc., Rosser International Inc., and Becket Company of Minneapolis