Knick Ei Collapse Close-Up "Knick-Ei" Collapse 1 Knick Ei Collase 2[1,2,3]

Building/Building Structure: Glass Dome Failure
Location: Halstenbek, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Year of Construction: 1995
Year(s) of Failure: 1997, 1998
Type(s) of Failure: Severe Weather, Improper Construction
Architect: Poitiers & Partner
Structural Engineer: Schlaich Bergermann & Partner
Construction Firm: Community Halstenbek

Construction of the Sporthalle Feldstraße, later known as the “Knick-Ei” (dented egg), began in September 1995. The underground sports hall saw its glass dome covering fall twice before its demolition in 2005.

The first collapse occurred in the early morning hours of February 5, 1997. There were no workers on the site during the collapse.  Dr. Wilfried Krätzig , a german civil engineer and professor of structural analysis, determined that the collapse was due to severe storms and improper construction. He did not find any errors in the structural analysis of the dome; thus it was decided to rebuild the dome. [a]

The dome collapsed a second time a 16 months later, just two months before its scheduled opening, on June 27, 1998. After this collapse, the city of Halstenbek filed a lawsuit against all companies involved in the construction to determine who was to blame for the collapse.” [b]