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Failure: Ibrox Stadium

Location: Glasglow, Scotland
Year: 1902
Type: Collapse
Deaths: 25

April 5th, 1971 was a frosty, foggy night in Glasgow, Scotland for a soccer game between Scotland and England, both playing for the 1902 British Home Championship. 51 minutes into the match, the back of the newly built West Tribune Stand collapsed due to heavy rainfall the previous night. Of the 80,000 people that were present, 25 were killed and 517 were injured. [A]

Wooden joists snapped clean through in what is now the Broomloan stand. They’d been laid on a steel frame-work, supporting wooden decking, but a hole some 20 yards square opened up. [B] Following the accident such frameworks were discredited, and replaced throughout the United Kingdom by terracing supported by earthworks or reinforced concrete. [A]

The contractor was later prosecuted, but acquitted. However, the accident however, ended the practice of supporting wooden terracing on steel frames. Earth embankments or concrete terracings were introduced and implemented as a result. [B]